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Friday, February 4, 2011

good news!!!

well last friday was the day of judgement at  school 4 me,,
i knew the results wernt gonna be good but we all have to face the music,,
as usual we wait 4 our turn to meet the teacher,,
as my turn came i told myself here we go,,
it just like jumping into a volcano i tell u,,
my result were quiet interesting,,
it told me how fast was my broadband was,,
wow wait a second thats my test result,,
i dont even have broadband,,
when my mom looked at it,,
well her reaction i dont think i need to explain,,
well thats the past now i know i got a test coming just before the march school holidays,,
so i need to prove myself worthy of all my parents sacrifice 4 me did not go to waste,,
well doakan my success,,
thats all i guess,,
owh one more thing,,
i know most of us feel like this,,
but parents usually tell us the right thing to do so,,
lets just listen to them no matter how board or hard it is to do,,
well byee...

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