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Thursday, December 9, 2010


ever thougt who is the imaginary people u wish were a part of your life,,
well this is mine,,
Chef Micheal Smith
i would want him to be my cooking teacher,,
i could be a great chef because of him,,
next imaginary girlfriendS,,
pixie lott
back off she's my girlfriend,,
i wish,,
who wouldnt want a singing hot girlfriend,,

chelsea staub
she's also my girlfriend i guess,,
a girlfriend in the acting business,,

finally a malay girlfriend,,
to me she's one of the prettiest girl i ever seen,,
owh welll,,

Saturday, December 4, 2010


well today i got to cook this,,
i cooked this before but  a person named *** likes it so much,,
so i have to make it for him at his BBQ private party,,
well if he did not invite you well its because its only for artist like him,,
im not invited actually im just there to help cook haha,,
jangan marah ***,,
gurau je,,
thanks to him at least i got something to do,,
because i could die of boredom if i go on like this
well byeee...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Refrigerators n hearts....

im trying to post daily,,
but i dont have much idea's,,
lets see,,
well today my refrigerator made some trouble,,
4 no reason it stop doing its job,,
my mom was worried,,
so no one else but me who has to look into it,,
with my engineering knowledge(biase lh bdak teknik jb),,
i opened it piece by piece,,
n  saw a huge block of ice in side it,,
so i took the hammer n had some fun bashing up the ice,,
problem solved.....

still looking 4 a person who can steel my heart,,
its kinda hard this days to find a heart burgular,,
u guys know any...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amirul Zubir.....

well today i promised this person i would write about him,,
well here it goes,,
amirul zubir,,
to you maybe he is another human being,,
but to me his one of my best,silly and kind of clumsy friend,,
if i have a  problem i sometimes go to him 4 advice,,
sometimes that is,,
well im grateful having mirul as a friend,,
i guess,,
gurau je mirul,,
jgn nk touching2 lak ea,,
and he would like u to press THIS,,
if u wanna know him better,,
ukeys then,,

Monday, November 29, 2010


well today had lunch with mom,,
dad was out working,,
the silly thing was we ordered two fish n chips,,
n only one came,,
then my mother ordered fried kuey teow,,
then it was packed 4 take away,,
me n my mom was laughing in our hearts,,
just how silly the waiter was,,
guessing she was under stress or something...

Sunday, November 28, 2010


well hello again,,
this is silly but,,
any one who could help in making this blog cooler pleasee help,,
im doing the best as i can thought,,
thanks guys...


since i got to much free time,,
well lets start a blog,,
it wont hurt anybody(i hope),,
hope u enjoy reading this,,
remember im still new here,,
owh before i forget nice to meet u stranger...